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From the Tumbelog July 25-31, 2010

Jul 31

newsWhite supremacist rally in Midland draws strong opinions, small crowds

newsLatest News > Peter Cummings to receive AIChE Founders Award

my PhD advisor

twittericonElliot mowing the grass for the first time http://twitpic.com/2ag1hq


newsCan Obama make success popular?

newsPostPartisan - On immigration, Lindsey Graham abandons principle

Jul 30

twittericonRT @nyctaper: just posted a live recording of The National from Terminal 5 last night http://www.nyctaper.com/?p=3672

twittericonbest friend at work is transferring to Indianapolis. Ran into him as we were both leaving for the day, his last. bummer.

newsReagan Worship For Fun And Profit | The New Republic

newsGlenn Beck and the Oakland shooter

newsUniversity Website

People go to the website because they can't wait for the next alumni magazine, right? What do you mean, you want a campus map? One of our students made one as a CS class project back in '01!  You can click to zoom and everything!

Jul 29

twittericonzydeco at Tunes at the Tridge

newsDow group to spearhead U.S Dept. of Energy project

newsAmerican Physical Society journals now free to public libraries in US

newsThe Associated Press: Republicans block small business lending bill

newsAnne Rice: "I Quit Being A Christian"

newsBay City homeless shelter witnessing record numbers, nearing capacity

twittericonConsumers Energy working in our backyard http://twitpic.com/29k1lz


twittericonOn page 227 of 1216 of A Storm of Swords

newsAmericans Say 'Melting Pot' Policies Once Made U.S. Stronger, But No More

newsGood Reads on Religious Diversity

newsThe "Let Them Eat Want Ads" Caucus

newsTom Toles Editorial Cartoon on GoComics.com

Tom Toles

Jul 28

newsEMU student's lawsuit dismissed | detnews.com | The Detroit News

Jul 27

newsQuote of the Day: Political Footballs in Congress

Jul 26

newsFull stream of On the Ones and Threes by Versus from Merge Records (limited time only)

newsJudge rules that circumventing DRM is not illegal

newsPeriod Speech

The same people who spend their weekends at the Blogger Reenactment Festivals will whine about the anachronisms in historical movies, but no one else will care.

newsOp-Ed Columnist: The Right and the Climate

Jul 25

newsNew J. Tillman - "Three Sisters" (Recorded by Steve Albini)

From the Tumblelog July 11-July 17, 2010

Jul 17

newsAdams: Players in bar brawl also hurt teammates

newsA radical idea for airline security

twittericonWith Larry Bird at the Hall of Fame http://twitpic.com/2660ph


twittericonBasketball Hall of Fame http://twitpic.com/265z45


Jul 16

newsThinkGeek adds “Mayor of Your Mom” Foursquare shirt, and it’s pretty fly

newsSize matters (at least for stimulus)

Jul 15

newsDo conservatives care about the deficit? Do Democrats?


twittericonMystic Seaport

Jul 14

twittericonLate afternoon swim http://twitpic.com/25aw5v


twittericonCT Science Center

newsWe Have A Crisis. Does Anyone Give a Damn?

Jul 13

news'A Chart That Screams, "Extend Unemployment Benefits!" '

You’ll have to excuse me for simply stealing Daniel Indiviglio’s headline for this chart, but it’s really the right way to introduce it:

job openings vs jobless 2010-05-thumb-570x326-29516.png

“That giant gap consists of Americans who are unemployed and couldn't get a job even if they wanted to…

newsThe saddest senator: Why John McCain has become so painful to watch. - By Jacob Weisberg - Slate Magazine

newsWe Have A Crisis. Does Anyone Give a Damn?

Jul 12

twittericonconcert in downtown Hartford

Jul 11

twittericonThe view from the back porch http://twitpic.com/24ffwx

From the Tumblelog June 27-July 3, 2010

Jul 03

twittericonwatching The Road with Lisa

twittericon0 for 2 on Saturday morning errands…post office and recycling center are both closed for the holiday.

newsShane Claiborne: This July 4th, Let's Celebrate Interdependence Day!

Jul 02

twittericonDinner at Cafe Zinc and now Eclipse. Anniversary celebration.

Jul 01

newsBroadband Now A Legal Right In Finland - All citizens to get 100 Mbps service by 2015

Jun 30

newsWell it's official. Steve Carell will leave The Office after this next season. It was of course inevitable (and sad), bu...

Jun 29

newsMy Take: Why Christians are jerks online

From the Tumblelog June 20-June 26, 2010

Jun 26

news"Something Better Than Revival" | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction

Buenos Aires pastors believe their city of 13 million should have only one church.

Jun 25

newsRemember the airline bailout?

Jun 24

newsU.S. health-care system: Still bad

Jun 23

twittericonon the train from Boston to Philly

newsOpenDNS FamilyShield makes it easier to block porn from your kids' computers

newsSen. Tony Stamas travels to China with wife to adopt daughter

Jun 21

twittericongetting off a plane with Sen. Carl Levin and Dog the Bountyhunter. Presumably only one of them was in town because Biden was.

From the Tumblelog June 13-June 19, 2010

newsPresidential Proclamation--Father's Day

twittericontried for Steelers vs. Patriots tickets but failed. Got Steelers vs. Panthers instead.

twittericonRT @billybragg: USA continue their winning streak with a brilliant 2-2 victory over Slovenia // sadly we deserve your ridicule

twittericonwatching Lakers vs Celtics game 7 with Elliot, Finn, and J.R.

newsBooks to Read Now

newsThe Worst of Humanity: It’s in the Comments Section

newsAlan Blinder: Government to the Economic Rescue

newsGates and Buffett lobby billionaires to donate most of their wealth to charity

newsForgiveness, Fear, and the Mosque at Ground Zero

newsUnemployment may be at 9.7%, but the Senate is moving on

newsAlan I. Leshner: Science, Religion and Civil Dialogue

From the Tumblelog June 6-June 12, 2010

Jun 12

twittericon78 miles. done.

twittericon45 miles done

twittericon27 miles done

Jun 10

newsViews Show How North Korea Policy Spread Misery - NYTimes.com

newsThe New Face of American Evangelicalism

newsDemocrats Are Hinting Foul Play In South Carolina Senate Primary

twittericondepressed today because we found out last night that some family friends, with boys our boys’ ages, are getting divorced

Jun 09

twittericonI did not know that Haley Barbour was a dude until he was ridiculed on TDS.

newsA Tale of Two Schools: A Review of the 2010 Christian Scholars’ Conference

newsSo Much For Lindsey Graham

Jun 08

newsForgiveness, Fear, and the Mosque at Ground Zero

Jun 06

twittericoncelebrating a big day of lax with dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. E had his best day of the season with hustle and effort plus 2 assists.

twittericonElliot said the gorilla at the Rainforest Cafe does “the robot” really well.

newsCongrats to Rush Limbaugh on his fourth traditional marriage - Glenn Greenwald - Salon.com

twittericonthey won the last one 9 to 3. went undefeated for the day.

twittericonGetting ready for the 4th game http://twitpic.com/1uk4f7


twittericon3 games down, 1 to go http://twitpic.com/1uk0gi


twittericon3rd game was a 5 to 4 win over Forest Hills. Elliot had an assist.

twittericon1st game was a 5-4 win over Birmingham

twittericon2nd game was a 7 to 3 win over Grosse Point

newsChristian Scholars Conference — Beauty, the Arts and Faith

twittericonElliot and I were up at 6 AM for a day of lax at Cranbrook

From the Tumblelog May 30-June 5, 2010

Jun 05

twittericonElliot gets an autograph from Redskin Chris Wilson at football camp http://twitpic.com/1u923f


newsJason Bateman and Dustin Hoffman are kiss cam All-Stars

newsWater fight closes Oxford Street

newsTom Toles Editorial Cartoon on GoComics.com

Tom Toles

Jun 04

newsThe Associated Press: In DC, even the Spelling Bee draws protesters

newsMarrying Out

A record 14.6% of all new marriages in the U.S in 2008 were between spouses of a different race or ethnicity from one another, according to a Pew Research Center…

twittericonTunes at the Tridge…Dueling Pianos

Jun 03

newsThings Everyone In Chicago Knows

No, Barney Frank didn’t cause the bubble.

newsLife In Zeta Theta Theta (Z??) House

May 30


twittericonwatching Duke take the lead with 12 seconds left in the NCAA LAX semifinals

From the Tumblelog May 23-29, 2010

May 29

newsAssociated Baptist Press - Church secretary accused of embezzling $1.5 million

A Southern Baptist church in East Tennessee is considering cutting back on ministries amid reports that a trusted employee of 47 years embezzled more than $1.5 million in church funds.

Barbara Whitt (Hamblen County Sheriff’s Department photo)

newsAre Democrats pulling back on faith outreach?

May 28

newsthe Mountain Goats "Love Love Love" - Dinner With The Band - Original Series - On Air - IFC.com

twittericon@RepDaveCamp CBO says tort reform reduces healthcare spending by 0.5 %.Deceptive 2 pretend it could solve our problems http://bit.ly/chi9l1

newsCountries That Ban Gays in the Military … Just Saying

newsWhy BP is the Anti-Katrina

May 27

newsCohn's history

newsThe right-wing freak-out

twittericondinner at Genji to celebrate Finn’s birthday and Lisa’s job

newsConsumers Energy delays Bay County power plant

newsTo Change the World: Part 1, Confused about Culture

May 25

newsAnn Curry Talks About Wrong Wheaton College At Commencement Address | TPM LiveWire

May 24

newsThe New Poor - Lack of Aid for Child Care Pushes Some to Welfare - NYTimes.com

State cuts in child care are forcing many low-income parents to forgo work, and threaten to undo the progress of welfare changes enacted in 1996.

May 23

newsSugary drinks and their equivalent in junk food

newsNevada bans chicken suits from polling places

From the Tumblelog May 16-22, 2010

May 22

twittericon“We believe in letting our lights shine, but not shining it in the eyes of other people.” - Amish father quoted in “Amish Grace”

twittericonMidland LAX 3rd/4th team tied Novi 3-3 and defeated Ann Arbor 6-2 in Waterford today.

May 21

newsWhen will America face a fiscal crisis?

newsHouse Panel Deals Gitmo Closure a Major Setback

May 20

newsAn Atheist's Prayer for the Church

May 19

newsWho woulda thunk it: Fact-checking is popular!

newsHow bad is the housing situation?

twittericonwhen you see a fail whale you know someone must be getting #mundied

May 18

twittericonsore from 17 miles on the bike tonight and 25 on Sunday (all with E Houk)

newsWelfare 101: Saginaw County forum busts myths about welfare

May 17

newsThe 2020 budget

newsGINGRICH, MEET GODWIN - The Washington Monthly

newsHoward Kurtz explores how oil spill, bombing news trumped Nashville flood

newsDisney to Close Original Star Wars Rides By September 8 [Star Tours]

May 16

newsThe one right terrorists can count on

newsFemale circumcision: A U.S. version?

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