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From the Tumblelog April 10-16, 2011

Apr 16

twittericonAsleep on the drive home from lax


twittericon2nd game was another win. 7 to 5 or something similar. E had 2 more assists. Jack and Carson scored. JR had an assist.

twittericonFirst game was a 12 to 1 win. Elliot had a goal and two assists. Carson scored too.

twittericonLacrosse at Rockford. No rain for now.

Apr 15

newsDonald Trump: We Need A Health Care System Like What Canada Has

newsMy question for Charles Krauthammer

newsHouse hijinks

Apr 14

newsObama on deficits: The message box vs. the solutions box

newsThere's no pleasing some people

newsExclusive: Donald Trump Explains Foreign Policy Doctrine to Brody File: “I'm a very militaristic person”

newsThe high-deductible plans in the Affordable Care Act

newsFalwell’s Liberty University blocks campus access to newspaper Web site - Campus Overload

Apr 13

newsObama’s budget is policy, not philosophy

newsHow Ryan set up Obama's comeback

Apr 12

newsSen. Ron Wyden: So Much for Choice and Competition

newsFarewell, Flip Camera

newsAOL/HuffPo Shuts Down Download Squad

Apr 10

twittericonRT @mattmillernow: Ryan's plan doesn balance budget til 2030s and adds trillions in debt; Obama's no better. Who will tell the people?

foursquareI'm at Fazolis (6707 Eastman Avenue, Midland)


From the Tumblelog April 3-9,2011

Apr 9

news2011 is not 1995 - Ezra Klein - The Washington Post

Apr 8

newsIf it was good enough for Reagan...

newsLunch break: Did Oregon get rickrolled?

newsThe Elementary Errors of Frum and Krugman

newsLudicrous and Cruel -

Apr 7

newsWhy This Church and Not That Church?

newsThe Obamaite Origins of Ryanism

twittericonRT @jimmycshaw: Interracial Marriage should be illegal -- according to 46% of Mississippi Republicans #godhelpus

Apr 6

news10 concluding thoughts on Ryan’s budget

twittericonenjoyed James Franco and Stephen Colbert matching Tolkien trivia skilz

newsA budget that can't budge

newsThe Balanced Budget Amendment vs. the Ryan budget

newsDoes Paul Ryan now believe health-care reform’s Medicare cuts are sustainable?

Apr 5

newsThe Achilles Heel Of The Path To Prosperity

newsShould the Church be Led by Teachers and Scholars?

twittericonRT @ezraklein: One of the main fiscal choices Ryan's budget makes is that it refuses to raises taxes on the rich but it takes health care from the poor.

twittericonRT @Jeff_R: H/T @tsudo Very Useful Bookmarklets for your iPad and iPhone

newsCutting Medicaid means cutting care for the poor, sick and elderly

newsWhat happened to the ‘fierce urgency of now’?

Apr 4

newsSharing: A heartwarming story of scientific integrity on a wingnut's dime

newsSharing: Paul Ryan: The GOP Path to Prosperity

twittericonFriday was apparently "The Wire" night on "Blue Bloods" as Carver and Prez made appearances (at least I think that was Carver)

twittericonwatching U Conn vs Butler with the boys (they're going to bed a the half)

newsSharing: For the War Before He Was Against It

twittericonRT @sfreeman: Great book or greatest book?

newsBring on the Bamboozlement

newsWhat Paul Ryan’s budget actually does

newsThe Story "Rolling Stone" Won't Tell

newsConnick v. Thompson: Clarence Thomas writes one of the cruelest Supreme Court decisions ever.

newsCuts Leave Patients With Medicaid Cards, but No Specialist to See -

newsOf the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1% | Society | Vanity Fair

newsGOP Budget Aim: Cut $4 Trillion From Spending -

Apr 3

twittericonGigantic snow flakes are falling



From the Tumblelog March 20-26, 2011


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