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In a Booster

Finn recently graduated from a car seat to a booster seat.  He was quite excited about this event, especially since he no longer has to wait for someone else to let him out of his seat.  He often forgets about this freedom and has to be reminded, though.

Here is a photo of him in his booster and some photos and video of him in his Taekwon Do class:








More Halloween

Here are some photos of Finn the lion at school



Recent Quotes from Finn

God didn't make me pretty...he made me cool!

Toots are poop signals.

Video of Finn Playing Soccer

Finn had a good time on the soccer field today too, scoring a goal and running really hard chasing the ball all over the field. Here are some videos so you can see what I mean:


gets it stolen, runs down field to take it back, runs back down the field but gets it stolen, runs to the other end again







nearly scores, smiles at the camera







gets pushed down







scores a goal







some good defense







skips, reacts to the other team scoring, makes an adjustment


Knoxville 2007

We never showed any photos from the Nashville-KY-Knoxville trip we took in August...After a few days at the Lake Cumberland Resort, we spent the last weekend of our vacation in Knoxville. Saturday night UT's Christian Student Center (CSC) was having a cook-out at the World's Fair site, so we went with the Bells.

At one point, a bunch kids (including Finn) were chasing a huge beach volleyball around the field.  I was sitting in a lawn chair and watching.  A few minutes later, Lisa and I realized that we couldn't see Finn.  We gazed around the big field but still couldn't see him.  Each of us and a few of our friends scattered looking for him.  Lisa went into the men's restroom looking for him.  We couldn't find him.  Now it's about 5 minutes later, and we're about to start panicking and calling the police.  At that point I see Finn walking towards us with our friend Kelly.  She said that she had seen a small kid walking outside the park, just past the spray park.  She ran to him, and sure enough it was Finn.  He had crossed a small street and was walking down the sidewalk.  He couldn't really explain why he had walked off.

What a relief to find him!  We decided to get each of us one of the Road ID's (link) to wear when I'm biking by myself, Lisa is walking by herself, Elliot is at soccer practice or Tae Kwon Do, we're at an amusement park, or wherever.

Here are some photos from Knoxville: 20070825-135500.jpg


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